Secret small towns in Europe that are just magicalCredit: iStock


Secret small towns in Europe that are just magical

Europe has always been a popular tourist destination. Dotted with many pretty locations spread across the continent, Europe offers visitors with options like no other. However, if you want to take a detour, and visit the less-explored regions that are just magical, this article should be your go-to guide.

Here, we bring to you the most beautiful secret small towns in Europe that you should definitely visit once in your lifetime.

Lucca, Italy Credit: iStock


Lucca, Italy

Although Lucca is home to some of Tuscany’s most gorgeous medieval churches, priceless art, and towers, its biggest attraction is just the fun of being here. Located on a plain at the foot of Apuan Alps, this spot can be visited in a day, and is ideal for those who are in desperate need of a break.

Dubrovnik, Croatia Credit: iStock


Dubrovnik, Croatia

After the Game of Thrones was released, Dubrovnik has been making noise in the tourism circuit for all the good reasons. With time, it has also become one of the most visited destinations in Croatia. No matter whether you are visiting the spot for the first time, or you are visiting for the third time, Dubrovnik will never cease to surprise you all the time.

Sintra, Portugal Credit: iStock


Sintra, Portugal

It’s one of the most mystical towns that is situated just a short half-day trip from. With exotic gardens, beautiful castles, exotic gardens, and majestic mountains, Sintra seems like a page out of a fairy tale. In 1995, this picturesque spot also became the first European town to be listed as a UNESCO Cultural Landscape site, all the more reason why one needs to visit Sintra at least once.

Reine, Norway


Reine, Norway

This scenic and beautiful fishing village with time has become one of the most sought after destinations in Europe. Also, its remote location makes it an ideal destination for those you like to visit crowd-free destinations. Whenever you are ready to travel again, make sure you add this location to your bucket list.

Ghent, Belgium


Ghent, Belgium

The vibrant Ghent is worth exploring during a weekend trip, or for a short getaway. It also makes for an ideal last-minute city trip as well. This spot offers a mesmerising cultural cocktail that brims with modern, and trendy urban life. If you visit this place, you get to see how people enjoy life:, and the chilled-out vibe of this spot seems magical almost instantly. Further, its welcoming and friendly nature will let you ponder if you should extend your vacation to a few more days.