Instagram social media platform as a useful marketing tool

With the recent trends in technology, people can easily create and share content efficiently and in real-time. Social media platforms make a room where people can share their photos, videos, opinions, and events in real-time. They have transformed the way people live, interact, and conduct their day to day business. Grow your Instagram account with Profile Mate Review

There are different kinds of social media platforms that you can join. They include Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Linkedin, and Instagram. What is required is a gadget that can access the internet. Instagram, as one of the media, have significantly impacted on human behavior in a significant manner.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social networking service that connects its users worldwide by sharing their photos and videos. It was established in 2010 by iOS but later was purchased by Facebook in 2012, who has managed it since then.

Instagram app is designed in a manner that allows you to follow people of your choice who can also re-follow you. By following a person, you can see everything that they post at the ideal time. The platform allows you to like and comment on the pictures and videos posted by your friends.

Besides posting pictures and videos, Instagram allows you to connect with your friends via direct messaging. The messages are encrypted, and hence one can send confidential and private texts to the parties they intend.

Aside from this, the social media platform enables you to post stories with your videos and photos in an only viewable series within 24 hours, after which they expire. You can also explore the profiles of the people you are interested in to know more about them.

How do you get connected to Instagram?

Instagram is easy to start using as compared to many other social media platforms. All you require to do is download the app from the service provider like the Instagram for Android or Instagram for iOS and install the download in your gadget. After installation, you will be required to sign up for your account. Various options are available to use for signing up. You can use Facebook, your email address, or your mobile number and a name. From there, the last step is setting up your user name and password for your account to enjoy the service.

Instagram tends to be boring without followers. To follow more people, click on the discovery button, and from there, you can follow the people of your choice. You can also unfollow them using the same procedure. There are three basic guidelines that you should follow to attract more followers. They are, be creative in everything that you caption, share your stories with hashtags and lastly, go local by knowing and following your neighbors.

 How has Instagram affected the business society?

Since its establishment in 2010, Instagram has grown significantly with more than 1 billion followers, out of which more than 500 million are active followers daily. To business entrepreneurs, this is not just a number, but a group of potential customers.

From research conducted by Mediakix, Instagram influencer marketing was predicted to be over 2 billion dollars by 2019. This proves that many investors have shifted to Instagram as a marketing tool for their goods and services.

Reasons why many businesses are adopting Instagram as a marketing tool

There are endless reasons as to why Instagram has attracted an enormous number of marketing businesses. Some of the main reasons are

1. Wide coverage

With more than 500 million active users daily, a business can target many potential customers using Instagram. Besides, a company can reach untapped customers in the market who are users of the platform. With that in mind, there is no limit a business cannot achieve using the Instagram advertising strategy.

2. You can directly engage your customers.

Instagram creates a channel from where your clients can ask you questions regarding your products effectively. They also get to know where they can get you for your products. This directly benefits your business as it leads to customer loyalty and hence more profits for your business.

3. It is cheap and easy to use

Instagram offers a cheap marketing platform in terms of advertising, especially for small businesses and startups. You do not require to raise vast amounts of money to advertise with Instagram. You only need a gadget and account to access Instagram and several followers for you to begin.

4. Creates a visual appeal to consumers

Instagram employs the use of videos and photos to advertise. Potential customers prefer visual content because it is easier to read and understand. Besides, visual content is more appealing to the eyes. An entrepreneur can use this platform to showcase what happens in his business, creating more transparency and more customers.

5. You can track your competitors.

Instagram allows your business to effectively truck how your competitors treat and interact with their customers. Also, you get to know the prices quoted for the goods they offer through their posts. With this information, you can strategize your business to capture more of their customers.

6. Appropriate for any business

With a considerable number of followers, all kinds of potential customers are available. All types of businesses can market with Instagram, regardless of their sizes or demographic locations. Big companies use the platform to reach their target customers quickly all over the world.

How to create a good Instagram marketing strategy

A good marketing strategy is a secret behind Instagram’s successful marketing. There are several factors to take into consideration when marketing with Instagram. They are

• Use hashtags to create awareness of your product.

Instagram users use hashtags to search for photos and videos of their interest. When the viewers come up with your post in the hashtag, they may take time to learn about your product and sometimes even follow you. Through this, they get to know more about your products and might even become your future customers.

• Conduct market research

Always conduct adequate research to be familiar with the market trends and hashtags being used widely. This will help you understand the hashtags useful for marketing because of their high number of users.

• Be consistent and active.

Consistency is an essential factor to consider in Instagram marketing. Let your postings be consistent all through and develop a common theme for all your posts. With these, your followers will know what to expect from you on all occasions.

• Have a friendly nature to everyone Instagram is composed of all types of people with different ideologies and backgrounds. Be friendly to all your clients and respond to them positively in all cases. Take time to listen to their needs and complaints, if any